Functional Correction of the Musculoskeletal Framework- The Basis of the Therapy of a Self-Regulating System

1. Abstract The history of mankind dates back thousands of years, and onlyinrecentyearshastherebeenarapidincreaseinthepercentageof cases,includingdeformitiesofthefeetandspine.If60yearsago, flatfeetwereconsideredinconjunctionwiththeagingofthebody, agerelated causes of weight loss At the same time, no one thinks about the relationship of deformations with a violation in the work of internalorgans.Andtheydonotsayatallthatthefunctionofinternalorgansistomaintaintheworkingcapacityofskeletalmuscles (Figure 1), the mass of which is more than 50% of body weight. But it is the muscles that are responsible for the metabolism of bodycells.Andalthough75%ofthebloodand80%ofthemuscles ofthebodyisinthelegs,thenormalizationofarterialbloodflow, the restoration of the biomechanics of walking is not directed by theactivitiesoforthopedicspecialists,shoemanufacturers.Noone says that diseases of the body begin with deformities of the feet, wearingshoes,thereferencepointsofwhichdonotcorrespondto the points of support of the skeleton of the feet. This was noticed 2000yearsagoinChina.Thefactthatthepumpingfunctionofthe musclesmanifestsitselfonlywithacertainsequenceoftheircontraction, which is violated with deformities of the feet. Violation of arterial blood flow is the result of a violation of the outflow of venous blood, the biomechanics of walking is disturbed. Medicineshouldsortoutitsmistakes,understandthatphys- icschemical,thermo-mechanicalandenergyprocessestakeplace inourbody.Deformationsofthemusculoskeletalframework,this isnotafludisease,theseareprocessesfromthefieldofmechanics, biomechanics. Such specialists are not trained in medical universities today. But the functionality of a self-regulating system depends on the motor ability of the musculoskeletal framework, the work of venous and lymphatic pumps. Therefore, it is surprising thatuntilnowdoctorssay;bloodcirculationinthebodyisprovid- ed by the heart. Its main task is to nourish the brain. Raising and holding the inner arch of the feet with insoles, the specialist thereby disrupts the outflow of venous blood - arterial blood flow. The deformations begin with the supporting external and transverse vaults (1-2; 2-3), which the experts seem to be unaware of (Figure 2). They are not corrected, they do not take into accountthepositionofthebody’sBCT,dependingontheanatomicaldifferenceinleglengthsthateachindividualhas.Itistheshorteningthatistherootcausefromwhichdeformationsbeginandall subsequentdisturbancesintheworkofthebody,cellmetabolism. biomechanics of walking.

There is an opinion that orthopedic insoles do not help.This only confirmstheincompetenceofspecialists.Thereisnounderstand- ing of the total amount of consequences for the body, to which modern “scientific” developments and manufacturing technologiesleadtoinsoles,whicharenolongercalledorthopedic.InEu- rope and America, these are orthotics - accommodate, providing comfort.These are not the terms and not the tasks that orthopedic insoles should meet. Ifwesaythatwithdeformitiesthefootlosesitsspecificfunctions, then the work of specialists, insoles should be aimed at restoring all 6 interdependent functions of the feet, and not selectively one, which cannot be achieved with such a relationship. The reflex function cannot be ignored, since all connections in the body are carried out reflexively (Figure 3). You cannot reduce the role of muscles only to shopping. It is necessary to rethink the role of musclesasthemainengineofallbodysystemsand,aboveall,the system of capillary lymph and blood circulation. This predeterminestheleadingroleoforthopedicsintheregulationofthebody, which should be understood by specialists. The fundamentals of body physiology have become basic in the development of functional methods for correcting not only the feet, but also all the overlying skeletal structures dependent on them. An analysis of world practice has shown the similarity of unresolved problems in the field of correction of the feet, spine, causesofdiabeticangiopathy,arterialbloodflowdisorders,which are not solved in the world (Figure 4).Acommon mistake is that thenameassignedtoaparticulardisease,skeletaldeformity,does nothintatrevealingthecauseofitsoccurrence.Soinourcase,the main task of the correction was to restore the pumping functionof the muscles (Figure 5), the metabolism of body cells.Analyzingtheexistingmethodsfordiagnosingdeformities,attentionwas drawn to the fact that diagnostic methods are not the drawing by whichaninsolecanbemade.Nottomentionmakingadjustments. Itisobviousthatinorthopedicsthereisnoconceptofwhatadeformity is. Usually we hear from a specialist the name of one or another type of deformation, for example: flat feet. Any medical diagnosis is just an abstract name, not talking about the reasons, without understanding which it is impossible to take the right actions.Speakingofarthrosis-thewearofthecartilaginoussurface of the bone, they will recommend creams, tablets, injections, but notasingledoctorwillsayabouttheneedtocorrectlycompensate fortheload,eliminatedistortionsonrubbingsurfaces,changegait, choosetherightshoes.Itisforthesamereasonsthatinsolesdonot solve the problems of spinal correction,restorationof venous and arterialbloodflow,andtreatmentofcardiacischemia.Itwouldbe correct to say that foot correction should be a process of restoring the functionality of the muscles of the entire musculoskeletal frame of the body. Figure4: Figure5: Who can explain why insole specialists do not work with skeletal structures above the ankle joint, i.e. the position of the body’s GCG is not taken into account, - the load. Removal (receipt) of footprintsisperformedwiththepatientsittingorlyingdown.The fact that each person has a difference in the lengths of the limbs, due to which the GCG of the body shifts towards one of them, overloading certain arches. It would seem that all these are such simple truths, as well as the fact that 3 points of the supporting arches form the supporting triangle of the feet. The appearanceof other points of support under the arch indicates the presenceof deformation, but not yet the cause. The monkey will raise the vault, affecting the soft tissues, which will bring even more problems, will not eliminate the deformation. The loss of the shock-absorbing function of the outer arch is evidencedbythewidelyusedplantograms.Andalthoughtheyclearly indicate an increase in the bearing surface under the outer arch, expertsspeakofadecreaseintheheightoftheinnerarch.Itisthen raisedwithahardinsole,whichistheequivalentofflatfeet.Rais- ing or holding the inner arch, the foot loses the ability to dampen theinertial forcesthat ariseduring theperiod oftransfer and placingthefootonthesupportduringthestep.Theseimpactscompen- sate for the joints of the legs and the spine, bringing to the brain forces not exceeding 0.5 G. The chain of such errors is not limited to these examples. It remainsonlytostatethatthetrainingofspecialists,startingwithorthopedistsandendingwithtechnicalworkerswhomakeinsoles,is notsupportedbyknowledgeinthefieldofphysiology,biomechan- ics, theoretical mechanics, and even high school level knowledge ingeometryandphysics(Figure6).Howcanyoutakeprintsfrom a deformed foot and not understand that this should be done only in a standing position under load, when you compensated for the difference in leg lengths, brought the arches to a neutral position and brought the body’s GCG to the CG of the reference triangle. Allthisisachievedifyouknowthelawsofhydrostaticsandcom

municating vessels. Standing on the diaphragms of the communicating vessels of the installation (Figure 7), the anatomical difference in the lengths of the limbs is compensated, the vaults are brought to a neutral position, the spine is aligned, the body and head with the vestibular apparatus are in a vertical position. Biomechanics prosthetists, mechanical engineers, builders, physicists,mathematiciansarewellversedinallthis,whodonotneed to prove where the CG of the supporting triangle of the feet is located,whatisthesupportingfunctionofthearchesandwhy,with theirdeformations,thelimbisfunctionallyshortenedandthespine is bent (Figure 8). Medicine only says that the causes of scolio- sis are adiopathic in nature, which requires deep study. But at the same time, he does not know how to eliminate the functional and anatomicaldifferenceinthelengthsofthelimbs,thatdeformations are the result of a violation of the balance of forces in the system ofpairedmuscles,whentheycannotcopewiththeload,theaction of external forces. In the sixties of the last century (Figure 9), it was practiced to exchangeexperienceandknowledgewithcolleagues.Medicinewas available to everyone. Today they say that services have risen in price,fewpeopleareinterestedinthefutureoftheirownchildren. Functional correction of the musculoskeletal frame of the body is theeffectivemechanismfornormalizingtheworkofthebody.The useoforthopedicunloadingfunctionalinsolesofbio-podocorrectorsismanifestednotonlyinthenormalizationoftissuetrophism indiabeticfeet,butalsoinbloodsugar.Varicoseveinsorswelling, feelingofcoldfeetandcystitis,painintheextremitiesandlumbar regions, headaches and migraines, constipation or heartburn, are justasmalllistofdisordersthatdisappearinthefirst7-21daysof walking on insoles.

Keywords: Medical; Biomechanics; Violation of arterial blood flow

Gusyev Valentyn. Functional Correction of the Musculoskeletal Framework- The Basis of the Therapy of a Self-Regulating System. Annals of Clinical and Medical Case Reports 2023