For Nutritionally Beautiful YOU...!

1. Introduction How do you know that you are nutritionally fit? Recommends when you are having: • Normal Weight • Glowing Skin • Bouncy Hair • Shining Eyes Feels you are nutritionally well. How to achieve nutritional fitness? Here are some tips:

2. Maintain Normal Weight 1. Go for big breakfast: your breakfast should be your biggest meal. Eat more proteins and less carbs and fat. 2. Go for reduced calories: Cut 500 calories to 1000 calories everyday than required calories. 3. Go for greens and colors: you can have lots of veggies and fruits in form of soups and salads. 4. Go for whole grain varieties: As an example eat whole green gram but in adequate amount as eating too much can cause flatulence. 5. Go for buttermilk: it acts as good filler in between meals. 6. Go for vitamin and mineral supplements: If you are restricting your intake...its a good idea to take supplements as per health care experts advice. 7. Go for burning calories: to build up muscles and burn that extra fat ...go for exercise /yoga or simple brisk walk for 45 mints in morning and evening

3. Nourish Your Skin Antioxidant present in fruits and veggies may help you to do so. They help you to keep away from signs of ageing too. Blueberries, grapes and spinach are few. Supplements of omega 3 fatty acids or /and adding salmon, walnut is good to help give your skin a glow

4. Bouncy Hair For good textured hair you need to take enough proteins. Eggs are good source. for thick and healthy hair get enough foliate, iron and vitamin C and A. So once again fill your plate with veggies. For frizz free hair a serving of salmon may help.

5. Shinning Eyes Vitamin A through carrots and spinach. Leutin and zeaxanthin are also important. Pistachios may help. So Eat right! Eat balanced! Eat complete for beautiful YOU!!! it works..!!!

Shalin Abraham. For Nutritionally Beautiful YOU...! . Annals of Clinical and Medical Case Reports 2023